Any kind of data is searchable and the . The best scalable, high-performance, operational database. It supports schema-less, schema-full and . Также поддерживается интерфейс объектно-ориентированной БД, который работает поверх документо-ориентированного слоя. Во вторую очередь Вам нужно будет создать таблицу. OrientDB Community Edition is Open Source using a . You can traverse parts of or entire trees and graphs of records in a few milliseconds. The Mult-Model Database with a GraphDB heart.

Please consider using stackoverflow. Document-Graph database. Sold by:Orient Technologies LTD Latest Version: 2. You have probably heard of document databases, like MongoDB, and you may have heard of graph databases, like Neo4j. I am willing to bet you have not heard . It is a Java application and can run on any operating system.

Providing a configuration folder enables integration with software configuration tools . NOTE: This node is optional since it is based on cartridge packaging model. If this server is not available at your wizar please contact your hosting provider for its activation. The Graph Database capabilities together with the flexible Schema-Less model allow to build . As such we recommend using sails- orientdb with waterline = 0. In few words the most powerful and flexible NoSQL solution available today. Минусы – проблемы при работе local mode с Java API, неадекватная, странная поддержка форума ( острые вопросы о неработоспособности API игнорируются).

ArangoDB is really fast using just 464ms in AVG, no graph database comes close. It provides a multi-model approach with the powerful nature of a graph database and the flexibility of a document data store. In tempi abbastanza recenti si è affermato il cosiddetto movimento NoSQL, che raggruppa una gran varietà di tecnologie alternative ai tradizionali database relazionali: tra di essi i graph db, document db e key-value db sono probabilmente i più utilizzati. Questa sigla inizialmente fu coniata per identificare.

In very specific circumstances, these databases can be manipulated as advised by Sonatype support. This article describes how to open a special command-line interface for connecting to and working with the databases used by . Если кто-то уже успел с ней поработать, расскажите пожалуйста свои впечатления. Answer (out of 3): Stick with ArangoDB.

Keep in min however, that the data files are compatible through the server versions, soyou canswitch from oneversion toanother anytime.