Oryzias latipes

Norsk(e) navn: medaka, japansk risfisk. Utbredelse: Sørøst-Asia . This small native of East Asia is a denizen of rice paddies, marshes, ponds, slow-moving streams and tide pools. It is euryhaline, occurring in both . Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Etymology.

They prefer slow-moving streams. Inhabit mainly waters of lowlands and brackish water, and also known to inhabit tide pools of coasts of certain regions in Japan and Korea. Careful observation of the process of embryonic development by light microscopy allowed division of the process into stages based on diagnostic features of the developing embryos.

The principal diagnostic features are the . Down Terminal (leaf) node. This species currently has no variation database. However you can process your own variants using the Variant Effect Predictor: Variant Effect Predictor.

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Importantly, medaka have an advantage as an . Oryzias latipes : pictures (1). Common names, Medaka, Japanese rice fish. Higher taxon, Adrianichthyidae, Beloniformes, Actinopterygii. Natural range, Honshu (except for Aomori Pref., Sea of Japan side of Tohoku District, Hokuriku District, and around Wakasa Bay), Shikoku, . A number of unique features and established resources distinguish medaka from other vertebrate model systems. A large number of laboratory strains from different locations are available.

Due to a high tolerance to . The phenotypic expression of these loci can be easily recognized early in . Synapsis was disturbed in the mutant medaka testis nuclei, as observed in mice and other organisms. Unexpectedly, the mutant medaka could produce a few sperm an although most of these had multiple tail or multiple head . In seasonally breeding fish species, altered fecundity, fertility, and spawning interval are associated with changes in environmental cues such as temperature and photoperiod.

This assembly is equivalent to the Ensembl Oct.