THe most accurate way to test your pool or spa water chemistry is to use a photometer. This video explains how. Automatic Water Quality Data . Backed by over years of research, our assured technologies are used in over 1countries and across a variety of applications to protect . Whether its to compliment a new product or go with an existing purchase, we supply a full range of reagents for your water testing application.

Here you can find a particular reagent for your needs, including the reagent range and ordering details.

Photometer Grade tablets are . Water analysis technologies that help to improve lives and protect the environment. Featuring an automatic water balance. Our products are designed to be robust, accurate, simple-to-use and cost-effective.

They are used in a wide range of applications, and are often used at the point of sampling to . Palintest PHOTOMETER Test Tablets. The new Pooltest Premier builds on the phenomenal success of its predecessor, with the same ease of use that made it the best selling pool photometer in the world. Tests for mains to drain and anything in between.

Accurate photometric pool testing for service engineers and pool managers, the Pooltest provides simple and effective analysis in all circumstances.

Regardless of location, … more. Swimming pool testing can take many forms from simple visual products to sophisticated yet intuitive electronic instruments. Professional pool testing should always be . Test all parameters required for professional pool management or to support any request in the pool store. Simple and Intuitive Testing. DPD- To Test Chlorine Levels DPD- To Test Combined levels.

Phenol Reds – To Test PH levels. In the pH range found in pool waters, the alkalinity is . PALINTEST POOLTEST PHOTOMETER AND REAGENTS. The Pooltest has all the same winning features of the Pooltest but with additional tests for alkalinity and bromine, making it the instrument of choice where you have spas and pools using different disinfection methods. These instructions are designed for use with the. Do you own or run a commercial pool ? If so you need the Pooltest pool test kit.

Including the nine most important pool and spa parameters, water quality testing has never been so simple or connected. Our range of precision instruments and easy-to-use reagents were developed specifically to meet the needs of worldwide standards. We also supply products for the industrial and process water sectors, soil testing and .