Pellets er en energikilde som er laget av treflis, skogsavfall, sagbruksavfall, torv eller landbruksavfall. I Norge er så godt som all produksjon basert på treflis. Treflisa blir kokt under trykk og pressa sammen uten bruk av bindemidler.

En pellet har en diameter på 6-mm. Normalt blir pellets brukt i pelletsovner og mindre . Pellet Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Pellets are small particles typically created by compressing an original material.

Pellets may refer to: Look up pellet in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Pellet_(air_gun) Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden A pellet is a non-spherical projectile designed to be fired from an air gun. Air gun pellets differ from bullets and shot used in firearms because of the pressures encountered: airguns operate at pressures as low as atmospheres, while firearms operate at thousands of atmospheres. Airguns generally use a slightly . In falconry, the pellet is called a casting.

Pellet definition, a small, rounded or spherical body, as of food or medicine. Find your ideal pellet gun at PyramydAir. Pellet guns are powerful airguns pistols or rifles that come in a variety of shapes and forms.

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A small, compresse hard chunk of matter. A lead projectile used as ammunition in rifled air guns. Compressed byproduct of digestion regurgitated by owls.

Serves as a waste disposal mechanism for indigestible parts of foo such as fur and bones. The food for or excrement of small rodents such as the guinea pig. Discover the Online Catalogue of MCZ Pellet Stoves.

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Save BIG and heat any room in your home with our selection of efficient pellet stoves. Define pellet : a usually small rounde spherical, or cylindrical body (as of food or medicine) — pellet in a sentence. The SmokePro pellet grills from Camp Chef bring wood-fired BBQ flavors right to your back patio.

Definition of pellet – a small, rounde compressed mass of a substance. THERMOROSSI offre una vasta gamma di sistemi per il riscaldamento a pellet : caldaie a pellet , stufe ventilate, a convezione, stufe a pellet canalizzabili, inserti pellet , termostufe a pellet.