Each body segment has a pair of fleshy protrusions called parapodia that bear many bristles, called chaetae, which are made of chitin. As such, polychaetes are sometimes referred. Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden 3. Polychaete , any worm of the class Polychaeta (phylum Annelida).

About 0living species are known.

Unique among annelids, most polychaete. These segmented worms are among the most common marine organisms, and can be found living in the depths of the ocean, floating free near the surface, or burrowing in the mud and sand of the beach. Some, such as Eunice gigantea, may . Polychaeta , composed of about 10species, is the larger ( and apparently not monophyletic) of the two generally recognized major groups of segmented worms (phylum Annelida) – the other being the Clitellata ( earthworms and leeches).

General Characteristics. The word polychaete itself means “many brushes”. The prototroch enables motility in the water column, as well as collecting food particles suspended in the water column. As members of the Annelid phylum, they are related to the more commonly known earthworms .

Usually only the head of the worm ever emerges from the opening of the tube or burrow. This is hardly the case. If the first annelids were crawling around . They are dioecious and multi-segmented. They have simple exit ducts from the gonads. Most of them live in soft or rocky environment . There are about 0species of polychaete worms, making them the largest class of the segmented worms.

Features: These worms have bodies that are divided into segments. Except for the head and last segment, all the segments are generally similar. Each segment has a pair of flattened extensions called parapodia. Taxonomy: Phylum Annellida, class Polychaeta , subclass Sedentaria (mostly). Species Representatives: Myriochele oculata, Sabella sp.

These worms are almost exclusively marine and can be very colourful: re pink, green, or a combination of hues. Common representatives include the lugworm (Arenicola marina ) and the sandworm or clam worm Nereis. English dictionary definition of polychaete.

Any of various annelid worms of the class Polychaeta , including mostly marine worms such as the lugworm, and characterized by fleshy paired appendages. See what people are saying and join the conversation.

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