The genus has a northern circumpolar distribution, and most of its members are typically cold-water fish that primarily inhabit fresh waters. Bekkerøye Bufret Lignende Bekkerøye. Norsk(e) navn: bekkerøye. Biologisk klassifikasjon: Rike: Dyreriket.

Den var blant de første ferskvannsfiskene som innvandret til Norge etter siste istid. Arten har sitt norske navn etter den røde fargen (røyr).

Røya har en sirkumpolar utbredelse på den nordlige halvkule. Fishing trips and courses. Chars are of the trout and salmon family, Salmonidae, and often have smaller scales than their . Mouth large, lower jaw extending back well behind the eye.

Salvelinus agassizii, Silver trout, North America. Colouring: Sides usually dark brown, . Most char may be identified by light-cream, pink, or red spots over a darker body. The native range of the lake trout (also known as lakers, tongue trout, mackinaw trout and mountain trout) includes the cold water regions of northern Canada, Alaska, the Great Lakes and parts of New England. The species has been widely introduced outside its native range in many parts of the western .

To cite this Myers, P. The Animal Diversity Web (online). For most of them, detailed data are not available. Once available they are likely to show that several species are involve whose identity is presently masked by unclear species definitions. The Brook Trout is a beautifully-colored fish, iridescent blue to green with yellow spots and sometimes orange to red spots with blue halos across its side.

The back may darken to an olive green with dark, wavy, worm-like lines which are lacking in other salmonids. While their undersides lighten to a silvery white, their lower . Finn veibeskrivelse, kontaktinfo, regnskapstall, ledelse, styre og eiere og kunngjøringer. Length: nights, days.

Price: $9per person. Verdant green valleys, high altitude wildflower meadows and the majestic Pyrenees mountains provide a spectacular backdrop to great trout fishing in . It has been introduced to other areas within North America and to South America, Europe, New Zealand and Japan. It is a highly piscovourous top predato. Draft datasheet under review.

Introduced widely in North . License: CC BY Attribution. Summary: Although somewhat similar to other trout species, the Brook Trout has a very large mouth that extends beyond the eye. The body is dark olive-green above, with irregular mottling .

SALVELINUS is a dynamic company with dedicated fly fishing specialists working in the heart of Pyrenees Mountains of northern Spain, to offer you the best option in each moment along Navarra, Aragon, Catalunya and Andorra regions. At work, our main objective is your complete satisfaction if you chose us for your . Petersen K(1), Hultman MT(2), Tollefsen KE(3). Author information: (1) Norwegian . The land-locked form prefers low temperature streams, below 15°C.

Taxonomic Rank: Species. Young of the sea-run form enter the sea at years of age and return to the rivers for spawning when they are years or older. To study the genetic divergence between small benthic morphs and limnetic morphs, we conducted RNA-sequencing charr embryos at four .