Santalune forest

Map description: The gentle light filtering through this sun-dappled forest makes it a popular spot for nature walks. Location: North of Route 2. Pokémon world locations . Composer(s): Shota Kageyama. Santalune Forest is between Vaniville Town and Santalune City.

You explore it with your friends. Pretty much to topic Title. Shortly after entering the forest , Shauna will call you from behind. This is a good time to train your pokemon and capture as many as you can.

Start by picking up the Potion to the immediate right. Next, head to the left . Upon entering the Forest , Shauna will accompany you. Once she has joined you, from where you stand you will see a Pokeball on the upper left of the map.

Pick up the item to obtain a Potion. From there, keep on heading left, past an . The player is also shown traveling through the forest with their frien Shauna. As you enter the forest, your frien Shauna, shows up and tags along with you.

You will have to navigate through the maze- like forest to reach Route at the northern end of the forest. Walking in tall grass or a cave. The little mouse is one of the rarer critters to appear in either area, so keep on wading through the tall grass until Pikachu pops.

To catch one, just damage it a bit, . It should be noted that the first time you enter the forest your rival will follow and heal so bring plenty of Poke Balls and get some training in. There is also a lot of items strewn . Once you reach a little way into the forest she will stop you to collect . Turn north at the kid in the blue shirt to see it. Antidote – This is just west of the same kid. Turn east at the fork to find an item past the . Lol, in all seriousness, the details on this art looks amazing. Chat got a little salty.

These two forest have the same layout!

Has anyone ever noticed how much Satalune Forest almost looks like the original Viridian forest ?