Soay sheep

It is one of the Northern European short-tailed sheep breeds. Proudly created with Wix. Welcome to the Soay and Boreray Sheep Society. First, Soay sheep are tiny.

In August, mature females average around 24kg in weight while mature males are around 38kg, making them about one third the size of most modern domestic sheep. Secon they are highly variable in .

Soay sheep come from the remote islands of Soay and Hirta, sixty miles off the northwest coast of Scotlan where they have survived as a strande isolated population for thousands of years, completely unmanaged by man. They are thought to have descended from the flocks of primitive Bronze Age shepherds. These sheep were numerous before the time of the Roman occupation.

Their name is derived from the island of Soay off the coast of Scotland. Soay Sheep are small, easy keepers, lightfooted delicate grazers, making them the ideal sheep for folks with small pastures in need of grazing. Soay sheep , perhaps the most primitive extant form of domestic sheep, all come from the island of Soay. St Kilda Soay Sheep Project.

Soay means “ sheep island” in Norse which suggests that there have been sheep on the island since at least the time of the Vikings. Soays were transported to the island of Hirta in .

This breed takes its name from the Island of Soay which is part of the Saint Kilda Archipelago. There are still sheep living there. Thousands of years ago, Neolithic man settled the isolated four- island archipelago we now call St. He brought with him semi-wild sheep much like the . The main Island of Hirta . On the Scottish archipelago of St. Special interest is linked to the sheep at St.

Mature females weigh no more than 24kg, while mature males can weigh up to 38kg making them about one third the size of most modern domestic sheep. Their work is focussed on the feral population of Soay sheep on Hirta. Kilda, which are called Soay sheep.

Edinburgh University says the study has enabled ground-breaking discoveries about how . Kilda is the most primitive domostic breed in Europe, resembling doinesticated Neolithic sheep and the inouflon. Those on the isle of Soay , St. Kilda are prrsumably direct descendants of the first sheep introduced to the islands in prehistoric times. Flocks stemming from them now exist in parks . Could the changing climate be shrinking animals? That seems to be the case for the Soay sheep of Scotland.

Definition of Soay sheep – a small domesticated sheep of a primitive breed with brown fleece and horns in both sexes, formerly confined to the island of Soay.