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Bufret Oversett denne siden 28. This dried cod would become known as stockfish – with good reason – it can keep its high quality and stay in stock for nearly a decade. To this day, we make it using the same methods and the same special ingredient . Good quality stockfish demands correct weather and temperature.

It has played an important role in our history for more than thousand years, providing our Viking ancestors with much needed sustenance during their epic voyages. In Lofoten these conditions occur at the same time as the winter cod arrives the .

Our unique process is built around the pure, crisp air and cold . Stockfish Food Products. Dried stockfish is a traditional natural product that is subject to natural variations in quality, as the fish is dried outdoors. We export top quality Norwegian STOCKFISH -CLIPFISH-SALTFISH to customers worldwide.

Norway but also other countries. We are registered exporters with the Norwegian Seafood council. New numbers show booming African market for Lofoten stockfish.

To be very honest, in Nigeria, we call all dried cod . Pile of cod heads from air-dried fish.

These heads will be exported for consumption in Africa. Play all Intro to Machine LearningUdacity. This trade, which includes both stockfish and fresh fishes, will further stre. When winter is nearing an end and the days are getting longer, the cod return from Barents . We are exporting our stockfish to Italy and to Africa.

We only sell stock fish from the best known and widely recognized fishing grounds in Lofoten, Troms and Finnmark. We have specialized in selling the types of stock fish that you cannot find on the Italian market and have acquired a significant share of the Norwegian market. All stock fish is labeled and sold under our own . The fish are packed in . Norwegian stockfish exports to Nigeria, which received a major blow when the economy of the country deteriorated as a result to lower oil prices, are recovering, according to the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC). Exports of seafood was hit hard when the naira (NGN) devalue and Nigerian authorities . We offer pallet delivery or full container loads. In order to be able to identify a stockfish bone, it is essential to know how stockfish was produced.

For the European market and the African market. There are however defects difficult to spot even by . Africa, as opposed to the more lucrative southern European markets. One Arnøy fisher explained his stockfish enterprise, what happened to stockfish markets, an eventually, to small boat fishers.

I dried it and sold it to the Nessekonge in . Stunning beaches too lonely to be mentioned in Lonely Planet.

I have few words to describe the beauty we saw. I leave some photos that give a glimpse of what we . He claims the falling stockfish prices made the fishermen produce more stockfish in order to keep .