Sumi alpha

Skadedyrmiddel i korn, gras og engbelgvekster, gras- og kløverfrøeng, gras i grøntanlegg, raps, rybs og lin, potet, fôrmais, sukkermais, fôrbete, rødbete, ert til konserves, ert til modning, fôrert, blomkål, brokkoli, hodekål, (hvit-, rød-, savoy- og spisskål), rosenkål, kepaløk og sjalottløk. Pryd- planter i grøntanlegg og . Se på etiketten til preparatet. A pyrethroid insecticide for the control of aphids and reduction of BYDV (barley yellow dwarf virus) in wheat and barley, and the control of aphids and other insect pests in potatoes, peas, beans, grassland and a range of vegetable and ornamental crops.

Skjul søkefelt, KULTUR, SKADEGJØRER, PREPARAT. Alle, Bær, Frukt, Gras og engbelgvekster, Grønnforvekster, Grønnsaker, Korn og frøproduksjon, Oljevekster og erter, Planteskoler (ugras), Potet, Prydplanter (grøntanlegg), Prydplanter (veksthus), Skog og pyntegrønt, Udyrka areal.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided above is based upon sources believed to be accurate. However, Nufarm Limited assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or suitability of this information. The consignor and consignee are responsible to determine the suitability of this information for . Det virksomme stoffet er esfenvalerat. Synthetic pyrethroid providing fast acting knockdown of a range of pests in cotton, broadacre crops and horticulture.

Can be applied using water or oil as the carrier. LAWN SOLUTIONS GRUB GUARD INSECTICIDE CONCENTRATE, AMGROW PTY LT MICRO EMULSION. SUMI – ALPHA HOME GARDEN INSECTICIDE CONCENTRATE, SUMITOMO CHEMICAL . Esfenvalerate is the most active of four isomers of fenvalerate, which makes.

Sumi Alphas’ Advantage Over other Pyrethroids: 1. Most Persistent – lasts times longer than Cypermethrin (up to weeks cover vs weeks). Residual Activity – Sumi Alpha is twice as slow to break down when exposed to sunlight compared to its’ competitors. Excellent Rainfastness and Tank-Mix Compatability. Home and garden insecticide.

Sumi – Alpha Flex a highly active product at extremely low use rates. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS variability in any insect population. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the insect. MIXING AND APPLICATION: population if Sumi – alpha Flex Insecticide or other.

This product may be mixed with water or oil and. Group 3A Insecticides are used repeatedly. Active Ingredients, esfenvalerate. Trade Advice Notice (TAN).

Medlet verkar mot insekter som både kontakt- och maggift och dessutom har det en insektrepellerande effekt. Contains xylene, ethylbenzene and aromatic hydrocarbons C8. Sumi Alpha FW lämpar sig väl för användning i tankblandningar med andra växtskyddsmedel.

Flammable liquid and vapour. May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways.