Teacup pig full grown

Adopt an older mature pig and you will KNOW the adult size. So what is the truth about Micro Pigs ? Both Khuly and Kim-Han say teacup pigs are a trend that seems to peak and wane. After spending the past handful of years trying to explain pig weight and defend my beautiful and small piggies to people, I decided to try and explain with photos.

Below are a variety of pigs of different weights.

I picked each one up so you can compare sizes. I also photographed the same pigs next to Harley, our 10-Pound. Originally bred in Vietnam, the potbellied pig is a domestic pig that is indeed miniature when compared to the average farm pig. While adult farm pigs can weigh in at around 0pounds, most potbellied pigs end up somewhere between 1and 2pounds. So, while calling them micro mini teacup pigs is a stretch, . A breeder offering teacup pigs for sale most likely has miniature pigs.

There are more than types of miniature pigs, including the Juliana, Sinclair, Yucatan and Vietnamese potbellied.

Even small species of miniature pig grow to over pounds in their first year of life and take four to five years to reach adult size. To be clear, there are pigs that are unusually small and it is possible to selectively breed smaller and smaller pigs. There can be adult pigs that are truly tiny.

Even so there is no currently recognized breed of teacup pigs. Although they do not remain teacup in size, adult mini pigs are nonetheless . Today, most pot-bellied pigs are little to never purebre as the pure breed is critically endangered. Do not be swayed by the term Teacup Pig , Pixie Pig, Micro Pig, Royal Dandie Pig so on, these are just MISLEADING MARKETING TERMS some breeders choose. Find and save ideas about Micro pig full grown on Pinterest. See more ideas about Teacup pigs full grown , Pigs and Teacup pigs.

This Pin was discovered by Nikki-Leigh Burton. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. There is now more information about micro pigs available online and in books than there ever has been, but even today this area is still a little murky. Combing the web for images of micro and teacup pigs returns primarily of the piglets and never usually of adult micro pigs.

Because customers expect these piglets to stay tiny, they can’t possibly imagine the mountainous costs associated with keeping a fully grown potbellied pig. The same issues can be .

As Susko puts it, Many people think they are buying a teacup Yorkie and end up with a Saint Bernard. Not many people can handle a 100-, 200- or . This topic can be confusing to most who are considering purchasing a micro pig as a pet, but one that is important to consider nonetheless. This is a question worth considering, since most pigs, when fed properly and . However, potbellied pigs can continue to grow for three to four years and in most cases reach well over 1pounds. If overfe they will become morbidly obese which causes arthritis in their joints.

When the novelty wears off and the pig is fully grown , it is not . We currently have three pigs for sale- an adult boar, an adult pregnant sow, and a week old neutered male. You can pay more, but you are not going to find a Juliana pig that is only lbs full grown. There is also a blog from Patte, one of our happy pig owners who lives in New Jersey.