White cabbage

Round and firm, white cabbages have tightly packe glossy, pale-green leaves. Their sweet, mild taste makes them excellent in salads such as. Smooth-leafed firm-headed green cabbages are the most common, with smooth-leafed red and crinkle-leafed savoy cabbages of both colors seen more rarely. Cabbage heads generally range from 0. It is a multi-layered vegetable.

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Cooking vegetables in the oven is only economical if the oven is on anyway, so try to cook this dish when you are using the oven for something else. Also known as: patta gobi, patta gobhi. The colour of the cabbage can range from ivory white to yellowy green. How to Select Choose cabbage heads that are firm and dense with shiny, . Their flavor is mild and earhty, and the leaves are tender even when raw. Heads should be compact and tight, but will have a little more give to them because of the wrinkled leaves.

We really like savoy cabbage sliced thinly in soups and stir- fries. Bok Choy – Bok choy stems are white and watery-crisp, while .

This is another simple summer salads we usually eat in Croatia. You can use olive oil instead of normal, and cider vinegar. If you cool it, it is very refreshing during summer. This was on the Foodnetwork website. Ive substituted chicken stock for the wine.

Great way to make cabbage taste good. If you use salted butter, dont add as much salt. My favorite white cabbage salad: only a few ingredients and so easy to make.

The perfect side dish for almost any kind of meal. I think it has been my favorite salad all through my childhood and youth and I . This healthy, crunchy slaw has a pop of chilli and a slight sweetness from the orange dressing that makes an addictive side dish to a spicy main course. Fill your plate with leafy veg and make this beautiful brassica into a stunning side or main course, whether you use Savoy, red or white cabbage. For the salad 80g cashew nuts, toasted Chinese cabbage , finely shredded spring onions, finely sliced garlic cloves, finely sliced 25g fresh root ginger, cut into very fine strips tsp finely chopped green chilli.

A handful of fresh coriander leaves. Feel free to add herbs (towards the end), spices (with the butter), or other vegetables (with the cabbage ) to make this dish your own. A few ideas to get you started: Add extra flavor by using chicken stock or white wine in place of the water as the braising liquid. Sprinkle in some fresh herbs like parsley or .