Wireline tractor

Extend wireline conveyance to high-angle and horizontal wells or high-tension conditions by deploying integrated tractor and wireline conveyance systems. Employing the highest tractor force available in the industry, the UltraTRAC all- terrain wireline tractor readily conveys large payloads in challenging borehole conditions and across high-angle, extended-reach wells. The UltraTRAC Mono tractor system adds logging-while-tractoring functionality to acquire data in both up . MaxTRAC downhole wireline tractor system is an efficient, intelligent conveyance tractor that acquires well data in downward and upward passes.

Reliably convey wireline operations in wells at any angle or length. When the tractor has been rigged up over the well at the end of the electric wireline , it descends into the hole in a controlled manner.

Due to gravity, it falls freely under the control of the wireline until the deviation of the well reaches a point where friction on the toolstring and cable prevents the string from progressing any . OD wireline deployed tractor system designed to push passenger logging tools into difficult well profiles. SondeTrax is low power DC tool that can drive both up and downhole in pipe sizes ranging from 2. The development of wireline – tractor technology has greatly improved the way operators can intervene in high-angle and horizontal oil and gas wells. The use of downhole tractors continues to expand the opportunities for planning and executing interventions, which are an important means of sustaining . Formålet kan være vedlikehold av brønnen, målinger av reservoaret, eller å løse en fastkjørt borestreng.

En wireline består vanligvis av flettede kabler og inneholder også elektriske ledninger for energi og data, . These are used for in highly deviated and horizontal wells where gravity is insufficient, even with roller stem.

They push against the side of the wellbore either through the . Extend your reach in highly deviated wells to optimize your production. Welltec is the leading, global provider of well tractors and conveyance solutions. Through close co-operation between Statoil MWS and Welltec, a working Well Tractor has been successfully introduced into operation in the North Sea. The Well Tractor technology has been extensively field proven and has demonstrated significant cost savings for operating companies when compared to previous . Overview: When Karachaganak Petroleum Operating ( KPO) . Fagtekster til RamRig og hydrauliske system i boremodulen.

Aktiviteter til RamRig og hydrauliske system i boremodulen. Aker Solutions will deliver well intervention . Oildata was the first company to deploy a wireline tractor in a horizontal well in Nigeria to acquire reservoir data without coiled tubing or. Numerous lessons have been learned from the use of a wide selection of technological elements in the construction of wireline tractors and mechanical services tools.

It is well-known that downhole tool design is challenging and requires the use of t. Statoil has, together with its partners, awarded Welltec and Aker Well Service AS wireline tractor services contracts for Statoil-operated fields on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). Arvid Hålan head of drilling and well in Statoil. Wireline tractor services are used to transport well .